Spring Break Schedule

Week of March 19th:

Main & WCC -- OPEN

Clayton & GPC -- CLOSED

Week of March 26th:

Main & WCC -- CLOSED

Clayton & GPC -- OPEN

With Test dates of April 6th & 7th please train as much as you can during these 2 weeks!

Test Dates

Seniors: Friday April 6th

Juniors: Saturday April 7th

Times T.B.A.

2017 Pan American Games Costa Rica

Head Master McLaughlin has returned  from Coasta Rica where he was a TEAM CANADA coach for the 2017 Pan American Champioships!

Master McLaughlin --coached 2 of our Canadian athletes

Ms Chutong finshed 5th 

Ms Hannah finished Bronze medal

Team Canada --finished 3rd overall out of 29 countries

Way to go TEAM CANADA!!!

1 month free for Parents

All parents of registered students recieve one month free!

Come and see why your kids love TAEKWONDO!

Cardio/Core class now available for family members!Amazing Black Belt testing!!

Congratulations to all who tested on Nov. 18th

Everyone did so well and I am pleased to announce the following:

Our new Black Belts

Mr Dave, Mr Frank, Ms Toyin, Ms Shauna, Ms Alexis & Mr Kallen

Our new 2nd degree Black Belt

Mr Colton

Our newest recognized Senior Black Belt Instructor

Kyosah Mr Dave

2017 Washington State Governors Cup

Canada &Langley were well represented this year!

Our Woo Kim Warriors had a great experience and all the hard worked paid off for them! 

Kysosah Ms E & Mr Michael -- Gold -- Pair Poomse

Kyosah Ms E -- Gold  -- Individual Poomse

Mr Michael -- Gold -- Individual Poomse

Frank E. -- Gold -- Creative Breaking

Frank E. --Silver -- Poomse

Mr Michael -- Silver -- Creative Breaking

Alexis S. -- Siliver -- Sparring

Tatiana P. - Bronze --Sparring